OWL Fire Alarm Management and Monitoring Software

OWL is a highly advanced monitoring and controlling ‘plug and play’ software that facilitates simple and intuitive management of the Chameleon Network range of intelligent fire alarm control panels.

OWL’s ultramodern and sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) displays all devices, alarms and all the information about the status of the entire fire detection alarm system(s). The configuration file of the control panel is used to import the devices (loops, zones, texts and devices types). The software is easy to operate, simple drag and drop icon placement provides easy device allocation within mapping.

OWL’s graphics and icons allow users to quickly identify and respond to fire alarms and faults in real time. Basic command actions such as ‘activate sounders’, ‘silence sounders’, ‘silence buzzers’ and ‘system reset’ can be activated in an intuitive way from the software’s main page.



Simple control buttons allow the user to Enable/Disable field devices. Real-time device conditions and analogue values can also be obtained from all field devices via a menu selection. All events are graphically displayed on the screen using a floor plan layout.

The software provides a cost-effective solution for all types of installations and is suitable for use with everything from a single panel system up to multi-panel and multi-site applications.