GFE Base

Accommodated inside our deep base, GFE-BASE-BUZ has a built-in piezo buzzer and it’s an option for local alarm signalling in places like offices, hotel rooms and classrooms at a lower cost than a VULCAN 2 base sounder.

GFE-BASE-REL has a relay which is a very practical solution for ventilation damper activation together with UG-4, our single-pipe duct smoke detector.

All options are loop powered making them a viable and low cost solution for localized audible notification and external activation.

  • GFE-BASE-BUZ: ZEOS detector base w/ buzzer
  • GFE-BASE-REL: ZEOS detector base w/ relay
  • GFE-BASE-REL-BUZ: ZEOS detector base w/ relay and buzzer